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Understand how and when you can and should close on a new place. You should know your rights when you go to buy a home or a new building for a business. Don't get cheated.


If you buy land, then get help with your land contract. We can also help if there is a dispute

over property. If you want to rent out space or you're about to start renting, then get help understanding leases.

Make your big investment with confidence

Consider your options

Get help with a mortgage foreclosure. If you need help mortgaging a home, we can help.

We can help you understand the roles being played by both borrower and lender when it comes to mortgages. We can also help with property transfer if you want to sell property.


Property is always a big investment. Have an attorney by your side each step of the way.

We can review your options and come up with the right decision.

Close on a new home.


Be serious about your real estate with serious legal counsel