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Robert M. Wilkinson specializes in family law and has proudly served Oak Ridge, TN for over 30 years now. You can get a schedule of fees upon request. Wilkinson has served on the Board of Directors of the Arts Council of Oak Ridge.


He's also served Hope of East Tennessee, Inc., the Girls' Club of Oak Ridge, the YWCA of

Oak Ridge, Court Appointed Special Advocates of Anderson County, the Board of Trustees of First United Methodist Church of Oak Ridge, the Board of Trustees of the Holston Methodist Foundation, and he's also a member of the Rotary Club of Oak Ridge.

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When you are dealing with divorce, you need to have someone there to help you with your paperwork so that no mistakes are made. All of your questions can be answered when you call on Wilkinson. When child custody comes up, make sure you have a professional at your back.


Get help with a prenuptial agreement to take away legal stress before marriage. Set up an adoption with ease. You can also get help with alimony and separation.

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Get alimony, a.k.a. spousal support, after a divorce