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Power of attorney

Set up a trust so that you can minimize estate taxes. You can also reap other benefits,

such as easily passing on assets to beneficiaries. You can get help with any kind of trust.


If you need help with probate, then come to us. We can help you get estate owed to you by the deceased. We are experts when it comes to probate and surrogate court proceedings.

Get professional estate law services

Set up a will or plan an estate

Get help with a will of any type, whether it be your own will or the will of the deceased.

We work with living wills, too. If you think you may be incapacitated at some point, then you can set up a healthcare proxy to make the right decisions for you.


If you need another to act on your behalf when it comes to private affairs, then get our help for

power of attorney. We also work with guardianships.

Get complete estate planning.


Have a plan for when you die or are incapacitated

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